By: Thomas Law Group On: August 17, 2021 In: Real Estate Comments: 0

An often overlooked step for any business is confirming that a business location is properly zoned for the conduct of the business. In particular, for individuals that are taking over a business that has operated out of a particular location for some time, obtaining confirmation of zoning often isn’t even considered or seems like an unnecessary step. However, confirming that a business location is properly zoned for the conduct of the business is an essential due diligence item and potentially a costly item to overlook.

Typically confirming zoning is a quick and easy part of any business start-up or business purchase due diligence. Clients are often surprised to discover that a business location is not properly zoned for the business activity they want to engage in, sometimes even when the same type of business has been operating out of the same location for many years. It is too late to confirm zoning after a business is purchased or a lease is signed, so confirmation of zoning should be part of any initial due diligence of the transaction. If a business is not correctly zoned for its business activity it can have surprising ramifications, which could include having to shut down operations or seeking new zoning or a zoning variance from the local authority (which can be a long and costly process).

As part of any business start-up, business acquisition, lease review, etc., we include zoning confirmation as part of the due diligence our attorneys perform. We have assisted clients with zoning issues in not only the Central Ohio area, but also throughout the state of Ohio. Contact the attorneys at Thomas Law Group to discuss questions related to zoning or other business due diligence matters.