By: Thomas Law Group On: May 18, 2022 In: Business/Employment Comments: 0

In April, the American Dental Association was hit by a cyber-attack. This recent cyber-attack serves to remind all business owners, big and small, to remain vigilant about cyber security issues. Businesses, including dental practices, should consider taking some precautionary steps to protect themselves against potential cyber-attacks. A non-exhaustive list of those steps follows:

  1.  A unique password should be used for each website/account. If you are a dental practitioner, and if you reuse the password used on the ADA website for any other website or accounts, immediately change it on those websites or accounts.
  2.  Be increasingly vigilant about potential phishing attempts and train your staff on how to safeguard against them.
  3.  Keep all devices patched and up to date. This includes computers, phones, cable modems, routers, etc.
  4.  Run antivirus on all computers regularly.
  5.  Review business insurance policies to determine the extent of any coverage for cyber events or add such coverage if currently none is in place.

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